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Closeup of a Black Dog

Love is a four legged word.....

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Pet Portraits

We are a nation of pet lovers, be it our doggies, cute kitties, majestic horses or even snakes!

Let me recreate your furbabies in the beautiful medium of 100% pure wool.

I believe the natural fibres and their texture completely lend themselves to giving the most realistic interpretation of our pets.


  • decide on presentation style and size

  • complete checkout bearing in mind I offer a range of payment options.

  • Select delivery option

  • Send through photographs to

Photograph Requirements

Take and/or send me some pictures. I don't mind how many - in fact I love my inbox being spammed by all of your furry darlings!

The photos need to be as clear as possible and as close to eye level as you can get. I love to be able to really see the animal's eyes, to be able to see colours and reflections in them as this to me is what brings the picture to life.

Photos should be in natural light but ideally not bright sunlight as this can cast major shadows and also cause a brightening which can change the colour of the coat and means I'm not seeing the true colours.

I need to know the picture I decide to work on truly reflects your pet and that when you look at my finished piece that's exactly who you see!

I know some portraits I get asked for are for animals who are sadly no longer with us and that obviously new pictures are out of the question. In this case I will do my utmost to create a beautiful and fitting tribute to their memory from pictures you have x

Once our image has been decided on, I transfer the image onto a background fabric ; I like to use natural fabrics such as linen or wool felt and I will liaise with you on the colour of this fabric before I start.

Once transferred the felting process can begin. This can take anything between 2-10 weeks depending on my waiting list and other bookings but I will advise on timeframe at time of booking.

I can provide 2-3 progress pics/updates if required, however a lot of people like the surprise and the thrill of the reveal!

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